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Welcome to Uneek Gifts,

If you have clicked here, Well aren't you a curious one! ,

My gosh I am taken back you want to know about little old me.. ok settle down and ill take you back where it all began in 198..9 oh what! too far back you say ok ok fine lets bring it forward to the 2020's what a time huh , 

well here this mum of 3 ... (now 4 yep i'm that crazy) decided to set up and branch out on my own business adventure. 

A pop up and online store ,that sells a range of items from a range of different places around the world as well as locally sourced and Australian made. 

while this list continues to grow as a do I,

I make it my mission to bring a unique twist and style to my little store and the products I stock so take a browse , follow me @ Uneekly Ash on the facebook to keep update or join a live and say hello. 




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